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Sprinklr Paper Prototyping

date. 2018

company. Sprinklr

summary. This is an intro used for a video presentation on paper prototyping. The team I was on at Sprinklr was building a new platform, using the definition partner to test the user scenarios. Several studies were done, video from each compiled and reviewed as part of the platform build. I did the video production, editing, compiling, rendering, etc. for the teams involved as well as the C-level execs and the definition partner.


Sure I could have just added a standard Sprinklr logo animation, but I wanted something that spoke to the process. Using as style of animation called pixilation, I drew the Sprinklr logo a number of times, cut and animated them in After Effects. The audio is a clip from a song called "Candy Gun," by the Japanese noise rock band called Melt-Banana. ...because why not!

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