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McKinsey for Kids

date. 20201

company. Mckinsey & Company

summary. McKinsey Digital Publishing started doing interactive articles, specifically aimed at a younger demographic. This was the animation of foods that are commonly thrown out into a "yuck-face" emoji. The original idea was created and thought of by a team member on the Data Viz team. He sent me the Adobe Illustrator file, to which I added color to fit within the McKinsey visual identity. I file prepped that to be imported into After Effects where I did the animation. This version was rendered as an animated gif for approval. I worked with the dev team to render out this animation as 100% json code to be dropped into the page so image loading time was kept to a minimum. While looking through the json is fun, reading code is a special kind of nerdy that most marketing folks can't do. Hence the animated gif. 

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